Monday, March 14, 2016

Russia Triumphs in Syria?

Russia has announced they will be withdrawing troops and war planes from Syria after a successful campaign. Although this is reminiscent of the now infamous Bush slogan, "Mission accomplished" banner, Putin for his part has asserted Russia back onto the world scene.

There were three fronts in Syria. Rebels backed by US, Asad regime backed by Russia, and ISIS. (Some would suggest Turkey had a hand to play with some rebel groups as well.)

Regardless of the complexities in the country, it's Russia emerging from the rubble as winners. Suddenly the defunct Soviet empire is re-asserting itself, and they're making a play to be considered the key influential voice in world affairs. How they can afford to posture in this way, especially given the drop in world oil prices, will likely precipitate downward to affect the average Russian citizen (in a bad way).

Of course, we cant ignore the biggest problem and that is the humanitarian crisis and eventual refugee explosion out of the country. Europe has been awoken by the flood of humanity pouring over into their orders. The world, in particular Europe, will be forever changed by the migration. It's conceivable that Russia's swift a powerful action may prove to be the necessary part in adding stability to the region.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Trump Powerhouse Continues

Incredibly or incredulously, Donald Trump is poised to become the GOP nominee for president. It's shocking because his outlandish display and clear a lot of experience in the political round doesn't seem to be harming him with a majority of votes. It's entirely unlikely that the majority of average American voters will be swing by this sideshow, but the fact remains there's something appealing in his message and it's attracting a lot of potential voters. The very thing that bemuses politicians is a very redeeming factor that the average uninformed American covets in a leader--someone to 'say it like it is and stand up for the little guy'.

Ignoring the fact Donald Trump has never acted in a manner that could even conceivably lend to the notion he stands for the 'little guy', this will be the Democrats election to lose.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Colorado Profiting Wildly off of Pot

The feigned war against drugs has been a total bust. Everyone knows it but the money keeps pouring in to ruin the US. Some States have taken it upon themselves to not only alleviate the social cost of imprisoning minor marijuana related offences, but they are also legalizing in an effort to capture tax revenues. It's brilliant, and it's also improving infrastructure and schools! In 2014, we knew the school system in Colorado was going to benefit, we just didn't know but how many millions. Turns out 2015 is going to be a banner year over the lucrative 2014 tax revenue numbers.
This year, from January to May the excise tax earmarked for schools brought in $13.6 million; tThe money from the excise tax has grown to $3.5 million in May from $2.5 million in March. The tax brought in just $13.3 million in all of 2014. The jump is partly because there are more marijuana stores and partly because shops benefited from a one-time tax-exempt transfer.
How many other States will be attracted by the dollar signs and not broken ideology?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Just say, 'NO' to Thanksgiving shopping

A growing number of retailers are bucking the trend of opening even earlier on Thanksgiving. In fact, some of the largest ones are not opening at all. This flies in the face of many corporate giants looking to make revenue dollars off the backs of their under paid employees. We as consumers can work two wars accepting this trend, letting retail employees have the day off, by not shopping on Thanksgiving. Of course what the mega retailers like Walmart know is that the average American is the average consumer, and that means they will shop delay drops so long as they have money in the bank. That hasn't stopped the likes of Costco, and other big-name retailers from not only being employee friendly, but giving the entire day off to their staff.

Is this a new trend? It doesn't seem as though corporate/consumer America is in any hurry to changeWorkforce habits. But it is nice to see that some significant names in the game realize the importance of being good employers rather then lining the pockets of already fat wallets to the tune of billions of dollars.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The pot proceeds in Colorado are paying off in spades

At of the start of the year Colorado legalize marijuana, not only did he do that but they also made the sale of marijuana legal as well. That means a lot of things, but name lead two: lower crime rates therefore lower incarceration cost, and higher revenues.

The latter is in fact quite crucial and three quarters into the year we are noticing a revenue spike in the state coffers. In fax schools are benefiting, Among other state run organizations, from the increased revenue in pot sales.

The cost savings and increase revenue you on the taxation of marijuana sales, is having a huge impact on Colorado's revenue streams. It seems as though everyone is smoking yet but also everyone is now contributing with their dollars. Taxation has now demonstrated that the state can not only benefit but everyone else benefits as well.

The question is how many other states are going to follow suit and get on the gravy train of marijuana taxation? This is largely a cultural question on America's war against drugs, making marijuana legal in many ways flies in the face of the conservative agenda witches dominant in over half the states. At the end of the day it's going to be the mighty dollar best ways public opinion rather than vain ideology.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria and Terrorism

Things are not good in Syria. It doesn't help that American interests aren't really being challenged in the impoverished Arab nation. Using chemical weapons was the proverbial last straw. The world has to answer. The questions is do we want to drop billions just to teach Assad a lesson? For one let's hope America doesn't run all over policies implemented by the UN for such occasions. Even though Obama did say chemical weapons were the redline, and the world should respond, timing is everything. We don't want another Bush incident of rushing into an arena beating up on countries without the right evidence.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Control?

As always, a third way, a new way, a renewed way to look at gun control is necessary to get a solution to what amount to atrocities in our country. Republicans (or assault weapon supporters) lament how the left is using massacres to leverage their agendas. Sure, it would seem that way, but it's hard not to address the elephant in the room when so many destroy themselves. Mass shootings in the USA are essentially the only place on earth such a thing happens to the scale and frequency. Perhaps the odd suicide bomber kills 20 people here and there, but there are few places on the planet except here that consistently have mass shootings. That should in the least cause a discussion. Something needs to change. But the two sides are so far apart, Republicans have so much power to either stymie change or squash it, that nothing will happen. Hence the need for at hird way. The same tired arguments just wont' work anymore. If you love your assault weapons, then use something other than your ahistorical readings of second amendment rights. If you're against assault weapons and opt for a ban, use something other than massacres to support your cuase (although that is, admittedly, a good reason).