Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria and Terrorism

Things are not good in Syria. It doesn't help that American interests aren't really being challenged in the impoverished Arab nation. Using chemical weapons was the proverbial last straw. The world has to answer. The questions is do we want to drop billions just to teach Assad a lesson? For one let's hope America doesn't run all over policies implemented by the UN for such occasions. Even though Obama did say chemical weapons were the redline, and the world should respond, timing is everything. We don't want another Bush incident of rushing into an arena beating up on countries without the right evidence.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Control?

As always, a third way, a new way, a renewed way to look at gun control is necessary to get a solution to what amount to atrocities in our country. Republicans (or assault weapon supporters) lament how the left is using massacres to leverage their agendas. Sure, it would seem that way, but it's hard not to address the elephant in the room when so many destroy themselves. Mass shootings in the USA are essentially the only place on earth such a thing happens to the scale and frequency. Perhaps the odd suicide bomber kills 20 people here and there, but there are few places on the planet except here that consistently have mass shootings. That should in the least cause a discussion. Something needs to change. But the two sides are so far apart, Republicans have so much power to either stymie change or squash it, that nothing will happen. Hence the need for at hird way. The same tired arguments just wont' work anymore. If you love your assault weapons, then use something other than your ahistorical readings of second amendment rights. If you're against assault weapons and opt for a ban, use something other than massacres to support your cuase (although that is, admittedly, a good reason).

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Obama, Same Obama

Barack won handedly which is a real indicator of the change in this country. There was clear manipulation by Republican controlled media (fox) that bordered on embarrassing. But that's the thing, change is happening. Americans are starting to realize how asinine contemporary Republicans are, they are simply so far out of touch they're losing their membership. Frankly, if Republicans had any sense, and the moderate ones do, they'll start to boot out the ridiculous Tea Party to gain legitimacy with the bulk of voters. Despite what pundits tried to say pre-election, it was clear, there was a shift in the voting and it favoured a more moderate Obama. The Republicans will continue to try to slow and cripple the American economy even though it was their doing to put us in this place to begin with. We'll see how much Obama can actually get done and how much Republicans do stupid things to hold the economy hostage and blame everyone but themselves. As for the rest of us, look for a resurgence in the Republican party in the next next election. They're so far off the mark right now, so crazy, that it will take another 8 years, in my opinion, before they'll make any noticeable changes.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Roads Less Travelled

There is a interesting shift in our American culture...away from cars. Teenagers and twenty-somethings are less inclined to purchase wheels than their parents, and less likely to acquire a drivers license. Instead, many opt for public transit, cycling, or walking to their chosen destinations. Is this a result of high student debt, becoming more green-conscious, or living a more metropolitan lifestyle? Research would indicate more young people, while they may have large piles of student debt, are moving to the innercity and finding cars to be less of an asset and more of a burden.

Will this trend continue, resulting in the death of the auto-mobile, or will these kids surge to buy cars when they start families?

It's not just the youngens of today moving away from cars. The expense of owning and maintaining a vehicle may start to slow down production of cars. As well, areas with high internet usage show less cars on the road...perhaps due to the ability to work from home = less of a commute? This article in the Economist gives some great insight into the future of the car:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progressive America

Wanna make a bet Obama wins the next election. Forget he's a better leader, better ideas, and simply the better candidate (not saying that's a great thing, but Romney is no contest), but this might be about a new America. A progressive America doesn't really create a polemic around issues like, well, homosexuality. No, that's just a normal thing as we figure out what it means to be a society that values human rights. Put it this way. If the likes of the Southern States get their way when it comes to contentious topics like homosexuality, America would look more like Uganda than, say, canada.

Let's be leaders, unafraid of change, ready to continue progressing into the future.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dont mess with this woman

Ever get harassing phone calls? How about from a collection agency? THere is an industry of people (corporations) selling bad debt to each other and the purchaser hoping to collect an dmake a profit. Only thing is the people behind this particular collection agency didn't expect to run up against someone with spine. Maybe we should all turn the game of collections on the collection agencies ourselves!?

Monday, January 23, 2012


This is how jaded conservatives are. You want family values from a dude who had three wives and counting.